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Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/026
Author Dr. Zubair Ahmad Dada
Paper Title Analysis and Measurement of Service Quality in Tourism Sector using the SERVQUAL Model
Subject Category Tourism Studies
Abstract Service Quality has become a serious issue in the development of the tourism sector across the globe. It is the result of the fact that stakeholders of the industry still find it difficult to comprehend the socio-psychological drives of the visitors. In the present research, the authors have examined tourists’ perception of various Service Quality dimensions of Tourism Industry. The study adopted the SERVQUAL model in evaluating tourists’ perception about the service quality of Rajasthan tourism Industry. The results have revealed that tourists are not satisfied with service quality provided by the service providers in Rajasthan. The expectation mean was more than the perception mean. Therefore, it’s important for the tourism stakeholders of Rajasthan to take into account the expectations of the tourists so that Rajasthan as a destination does not face a decline.
Keyword Perception, Industry, Expectation, SERVQUAL, Tourists, Rajasthan
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/025
Author K.Saravanan
Paper Title E-Filing of Income Tax Return: A Study on Awareness and satisfaction level of Tax Payers in Trichy City.
Subject Category Human Resources Management
Abstract E-filing of income tax refers to successful filing of Income Tax Returns through the internet. The e-governance has developed the concept of e-filing of Income Tax Returns through the internet. New technologies are emerging day by day with improved and fast speed in all the fields. Internet has changed the present scenario of working by reducing the work load from manual to sitting on chair. Thus, the Income Tax department has expedited the tax payers with defining the provisions to be followed, which can be filed and the procedure to file Income Tax returns for the benefit of income tax payers as well as the government. But with emerging technologies in new era one thing that is lacking is awareness and use of these technologies. Thus this paper deals with the awareness level of individual tax payers about e-filing, to measure the level of satisfaction of the respondents towards e-filing. For the purpose a field survey was conducted at Trichy city covering different level of employees. The data was collected through questionnaire and analyzed with the help of respective tests using SPSS.
Keyword Tax-payers, E-filing, Awareness level, Satisfaction level
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/024
Author Vijay Kumar
Paper Title Structural change in Bond Market of BRICS countries An Empirical Analysis
Subject Category Economics, Commerce
Abstract The study is designed to analyze the bond yield rate and their volatility of BRICS nations. The abbreviation BRICS stands form Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Each country has their different bond or debt market. Monthly data from May 2007 to January 2017 is used in the following research study. Granger causality test showing causality relationship among bond market of various BRICS nations is used to check the causality relationship. The following research paper also indicates how these bond markets are integrated with each other. Data of various market have been collected from the secondary sources such as from their original bond market websites and some other sources also i.e. investing.com to analyze the pattern of bond market movement of BRICS country.
Keyword Bond Market, Bond Yield, Correlation, Cointegration, Granger causality
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/023
Author Prof. Reshma Balu Shinde
Paper Title Market Intelligence in Agriculture and Allied Business
Subject Category Agricultural Marketing
Abstract Agrarian economy has numerous players, agents and stakeholder; all seek information for taking rational decisions for their respective roles and objectives. The main objective of Agricultural Market Intelligence is to maintaining a balance between demand and supply of any agricultural commodity at a remunerative level to farmers. For Increasing Farmers participation in commercial marketing market intelligence needs to be proper. Keeping this in focus, this paper deals with the current status of Market intelligence, the common objectives and process of market intelligence, the role that government plays and should play for improving Market Intelligence. How Market Intelligence is important to the farmers for taking their farming decisions. As for recommendation, the paper drives in the point that Market Intelligence in agriculture and allied enterprise should lead in huge sale with better price of agricultural produce. Market Intelligence should helps to better agro-processing linkages between farmers, groups related to agriculture, markets and private processors which in turn would make agriculture a more viable proposition.
Keyword Market Intelligence, Objectives, Process, Importance, Govt. Participation
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/022
Author Shankar. R, Indhu L.
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract Among the global players India and china are the faster growing economic. Both these countries have an important role to play in world economy. Today china is ranking top 3 partners of India and china. India is in to 10th partner in trading with an increase in two way trade, the trade deficit increased exponentially, and bilateral trade imbalance caused concern about the sustainability of rising bilateral trade over a time. This paper is attempted to study the structure of indo- china bilateral trade balance and its impact on India’s balance of payments. The study found the inadequate exports in trade balance and a significant effect imposed by bilateral trade on balance of payments
Keyword Global players, Bilateral Trade and Balance of Payments, Economic growth
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/021
Author Dr. J. Udhayakumar, P.Nithya Priya
Paper Title Agricultural Productivity, GDP And Irrigation Facility In India – An Emperical Study
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract Monsoon plays an essential role in economy of a country. In the countries like India, where agriculture is the greatest source of economy, monsoonplays a pivotal role. The present work provides an overview of monsoonal changes and agriculture, while paying some specific attention to the impact of irrigation on Indian agriculture.Monsoonal change is poised to have a sharply differentiated effect as between agro-ecological regions, farming systems, and social classes and groups. India, being an agricultural based nation has contributed by much in agriculture produce and its allied products for its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The contribution by agriculture to the nation’s GDP is inevitable. However, the contribution is based on irrigation or cropping intensity, which mainly depends on monsoon as one of the influencing factor
Keyword Monsoonal changes, agricultural produce, Gross Domestic Product, irrigation.
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/020
Author R. Shankar & R. Gayathri
Paper Title A Study On Obstacles Faced By Corporates In Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility In Coimbatore
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract It has been very well understood by organizations that government alone will not be able to succeed in its endeavour to uplift the downtrodden society. Hence, the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility has filtered the myth that the ultimate goal is not profit making, rather trust building is viable and assertable with societal relationship and only long term survival mantra for any organization. Companies now become more transparent in accounting and other activities due to pressure from the various interest groups of the society. It is mandatory for companies to behave in ethical and responsible manner towards the various interest groups of the society and environment. The present research paper tries to analyse the CSR status in the selected corporates of Coimbatore, and it further provide an insight to what extent companies can follow the CSR. The sample companies are engaged in various aspects like casting, stationary, financing, steel and liquor. The research work tries to throw light on CSR of select organisations which would be helpful for both economic and social interest. This research work tries to focuses on the findings and reviewing of the issues and challenges faced by corporates with respective CSR
Keyword Corporate social responsibility, Ethical, Financing, societal relationship
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/019
Subject Category EDUCATION
Abstract This research article focuses learning styles and personality traits of Higher secondary commerce students. For achieving this, the researcher adopted survey method. Personality Traits Inventory developed by Goldberg (1993) and Learning Styles Inventory developed by Leonard Enid (2005) were the tools used for data collection. 255 higher secondary commerce students were taken as the sample of the study using simple random sampling technique. Mean, SD,‘t’ test and Correlation were used for analyzing the data. Personality traits and Learning Style of higher secondary commerce students is high.
Keyword Personality traits, Learning Style and Commerce Student
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/018
Author Dr.M.B.Bobade
Paper Title Petrified Cladode Cladophylon dakshinensis gen. et.sp.nov. from Intertrappean Beds of Mohgaonkalan, M.P., India
Subject Category Botany
Abstract Abstract: The present investigation of petrified angiospermic Cladode has been described from Mohgaonkalan, (220 1’N; 790 11 E), the well known fossiliferous locality in Chhindawada district, M.P., India. The present fossil xerophytic angiospermic Cladode is being different from all known fossil monocot leaf and not satisfactorily resembling modern leaf, but shows similarities with Asparagus cladode, hence describe here.
Keyword Keywords: Angiosperm, Cladode, Monocot, Deccan, Mohgaonkalan.
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/017
Author Dang Thi Huyen Anh
Paper Title Financial inclusion to support agricultural production in Vietnam
Subject Category finance and economics
Abstract Vietnam has advantage in agricultural production from natural geographic and diversifies weather. So far, Vietnam is in top 25 biggest agricultural exporting countries. However, agricultural production in has not developed adequately with potential, the agricultural exports growth has been slow down. One of the main reason causing this decline is the world’s demand for agricultural product quality is higher and higher. Thus, to enhance agricultural production and exports, investment for agricultural technologies and facilities plays an important role. To support this goal, financial inclusion development can be a solution that enhances access to capital for farmers as well as producers, processors and distributors of agricultural products. Therefore, financial inclusion will enhance the agricultural productivity, achieve sustainable agricultural production and poverty reduction. The paper analyzes the financial inclusion situation in Vietnam and suggests some solutions to develop financial inclusion supporting agricultural production
Keyword Agricultural value chain, Vietnam, financial inclusion, agricultural export
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/016
Paper Title Biodiversity Conservation in India
Subject Category Geography
Abstract Biodiversity stands for the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. Biodiversity sustains life on earth. The global concern to conserve biodiversity stems from its enormous significance and inestimable value to mankind. The motive behind conservation is to preserve biodiversity, maintain essential life supporting ecological processes or ecosystem functions and preserve genetic resource along with the utilization of commercially important species in a sustainable way. The objectives of the present paper are following: (i) to define biodiversity; (ii) to highlight the significance of biodiversity; (iii) to identify the causes of biodiversity depletion; (iv) to list the legislative measures of biodiversity conservation in India and (v) to describe the in situ and ex situ measures of biodiversity conservation in India.
Keyword Biodiversity, conservation, legislative, in situ and ex situ.
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/015
Author Dhvani Pandya
Paper Title English language teaching: An Art
Subject Category Education Technology
Abstract The study on the mentioned topic will throw light on psychology of language learning. The present generation always demands something unique and different from their teachers. The research mainly focuses on making teaching of English language effective. No child fails to learn his mother tongue naturally except being deaf and dumb. Same is the case with other languages. A language teacher should focus on picking up the language acquisition simply by making a child listen attentively. The language heard by the child remains latent for sometimes in the brain till the child gradually understands it. So the next target for language teacher is to make them understand. It is very difficult for all second language learners to concentrate on the rules of grammar. English teachers should enrich that interest by various strategies where they can not only learn but also apply to their life. There are many such strategies for English language teachers which will be unfold in paper. This paper will also include ample examples of new teaching techniques for which the new generation strives for. ‘Teaching effectively’ is not everyone’s cup of tea. The study in the same will help such teachers to be that ‘DIFFERENT TEACHERS’ who make the ‘CHANGE’.
Keyword ELT, Psychology of language learning, Methods of ELT, Unique methods of English language teaching
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/014
Author Milcah Nyaga & David MUriithi
Paper Title Effectiveness of physical exercise onprimary dysmenorrhea among female university students
Subject Category Health care manaagement
Abstract Primary Dysmenorrhoea is a condition that has attracted attention among the stakeholders in education and health professions. Primary Dysmenorrhea is chronic cyclical pelvic pain associated with menstruation in the absence of an identifiable pathological condition. Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common complaints and gynaecological problem worldwide among young females. Many females use pain killers such as paracetamol and Non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) to treat primary dysmenorrhea. The aim of this study is to investigate effectiveness of physical exercises on primary dysmenorrhea among University female students. The study adopted a descriptive research approach. It involved fifty students who had enrolled for gym at the University and had participated in regular exercise. The control group involved 50 students who had not enrolled for gym. The data was collected through self-administered questionnaires. The findings revealed that majority of the students were aware that exercise treats the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. The study found out that majority of the students would consider exercise as an alternative therapy in treating the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. The study further revealed that the experimental group had late onset of menstruation and they took a longer time to menstruate as compared to controlled group. Overall the results of this study indicated that participating in exercise is a likely alternative approach to reduce the effects of primary dysmenorrhoea symptoms especially pain and improve the quality of life in young females.
Keyword Primary Dysmenorrhoea, Physical exercise, Students, Alternative therapy
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/013
Author gagandeep kaur
Paper Title Research Paper on Medical Image Segmentation
Subject Category Medical Image Segmentation
Abstract Image segmentation might even be a method of partition of a picture into absolutely completely different objects. there's a significant distinction between image sweetening and segmentation. In image sweetening technique is to boost the given image quality with connectedness image look (brightness, contrast, texture).In this segmentation technique, the actual portion of a image is highlighted keep with the matter written Here throughout this paper we've a bent to examine the performance of varied} algorithms for numerous footage Medical image technique desires continuous enhancements in terms of techniques and applications to assist improve quality of services in health care business. The techniques used for interpolation, image registration, compression, diagnosis unit of measure to be improved to be abreast with growing demands at intervals the business and rising technologies regarding mobile computing and cloud computing. the mixture of medical instrumentation and applications with wearable devices is additionally promising house for lots of study. This paper provides helpful insights into the sphere of medical image technique and tries to stipulate the end of the day scope of labour.
Keyword Medical image processing (MIP), medical diagnosis, MIP methods and applications
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/012
Author Nand lal
Paper Title Policies and Practices of Entrepreneurship development Programmes in Himachal Pradesh
Subject Category Entrepreneurship Development
Abstract Entrepreneurship involves a set of values, norms and traits that are conducive to the growth of a business enterprise. Entrepreneurship development Programmes with view to introducing the entrepreneurial culture at the grass root level and to promote self employment through establishment of tiny or cottage industries. Entrepreneurship development programmes and industrial awareness programmes are organized at various places across the state for the benefit of rural educated unemployed youth. In this paper attempts has been made to study the policies and practices to conduct entrepreneurship development Programs (EDPs) and current status of Entrepreneurship development programs. The study was based on secondary data. The secondary data have been collected from journals, internet, magazines, newspaper annual reports etc. The result shows that the maximum numbers of EDPs Organised in the year 2012-13 (21.53%) and maximum numbers of persons trained in the year 2012-13 (22.42%).The following years 2009 to 2013 by Institution organized EDPs are increasing and the participants are also interested to have undergone training under these Programmes. The government need to provide financial as well as others facilities like transport, communication, land, building, technology advancement and organize entrepreneurship development programmes or awareness programmes on different promotional activities and credit facilities for further expansion.
Keyword Enterprises, entrepreneurial process, problems
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/011
Author Dr. M. Subha
Paper Title A Survey of Software and Hardware Energy-Aware Optimization Simulation Tools for Effective and Efficient Datacenter Design
Subject Category Computer Science
Abstract High performance has been the role concern in data center deployments, hence it has been fulfilled without paying much attention to energy consumption. As energy costs are increasing, there is need to focus the optimization of effective & efficient energy for high service level performance. Data center are not only exclusive to maintain but also unfriendly to the environment. It drives more in carbon emissions. Hence cloud service providers need to adopt measures to reduce the energy costs & as well as to regulate temperature. Setting up & running their experiments in real cloud environments are very costly to optimize the designs. However, modeling & simulation tools are suitable solutions that often provide good alternatives for emulating cloud computing environments. Several simulation tools for both hardware & software modeling have been developed to provide a simulation environment for energy-efficient & effective cloud computing data center. This survey is very much helpful in using the simulators for optimize energy consumption in hardware & software for effective & efficient datacenter design.
Keyword Cloud, Data center design, hardware & software simulators.
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/010
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract Our analysis confirms that digitization has a material economic impact, which we assessed with three variables: growth in per capita GDP, job creation, and innovation. We analyzed 150 countries using a classical production function model to assess economic impact, controlling for a number of variables.12 We found that an increase in digitization of 10 percentage points triggers a 0.50 to 0.62 percent gain in per capita GDP. By contrast, previous studies that focused mainly on broadband penetration established that a 10 percentage point increase in broadband penetration contributes a gain in per capita GDP of just 0.16 to 0.25 percent.13 Thus the GDP impact from digitization is more than twice as large as the impact of broadband penetration. Additionally, the economic impact of digitization accelerates as countries transition to more advanced stages. Constrained digital economies realize a 0.5 percent increase in GDP per capita for every 10 percent increase in digitization, while advanced digital economies show a 0.62 percent increase in GDP per capita for every 10 percent digitization increase. Digitization also has a significant impact on job creation in the overall economy: an increase of 10 percent in digitization reduces a nation’s unemployment rate by 0.84 percent. From 2009 to 2010, digitization added an estimated 19 million jobs to the global economy, up from the estimated 18 million jobs added from 2007 to 2008. This is an especially critical finding for emerging markets, which will need to create hundreds of millions of jobs in the coming decade in order to ensure that a booming population of young people can contribute to their national economies. Finally, a 10-point increase in digitization results in a 6-point increase in the country’s score on the Global Innovation Index14 — a correlation suggesting that, as a country progresses in its digitization development, it also becomes more innovative.
Keyword Assess Economic Impact, Increase In Digitization, Global Economy
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/009
Author Raman Mathur, Jyotsna pandey
Paper Title Internet security& Cybercrime: International network management paradox
Subject Category Computer Science
Abstract Reliability and scalability of real-time processing is a major need on any intrusion detection system. In addition to the reinforcement of security policies, development and use of antispam, antivirus software, firewalls as means to combat cyber crimes, there is a serious need for the development and implementation of reliable and scalable hardware data security controllers. (The objective of this study is to review the issues involved in internet security and cyber crime. Apparently this poses a paradox since the technological advances made in both software and hardware to increase internet security measures are also available to cyber criminals who immediately use them to counteract these measures. Another problem is infringement on privacy that has to be dealt with as stricter security measures and legislation are put into effect. Cyber crimes are briefly reviewed, and legislative and technological ways to combat them are presented.
Keyword Cyber crimes, internet security, legal aspects, intrusion detection
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/008
Author Jayakanta Reddy, Y S. Jayakumaran, Dr. T. Sivaparsad
Paper Title The Effectiveness and the Design Flexibility of PSO in the Framework of Electromagnetic Synthesis of Linear Arrays
Subject Category Electronics
Abstract In the domain of antenna arrays, several methods of synthesis exist such as stochastic and determinist method. Considering the diversity of aims searched for by users, we don't find a general method of synthesis which is applicable synthesis to all cases, but rather an important number of methods to every type of problem. This diversity of solutions can be exploited to constitute a useful tool for a general approach of synthesis of a multibeam array. Recently, evolutionary algorithms have been successfully applied to antenna array synthesis problems like null steering in phased arrays by positional perturbations, reconfigurable phase differentiated array design, the corrugated horn antenna design. Recently, adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for solving global numerical optimization problem. The result shows that the APSO can find a high quality solution even for a very high dimensional problem. In this paper, we are interest to present the adaptive swarm optimization method that will be applied to the synthesis of multibeam arrays. A big flexibility between features of the antennas array: amplitude and phase of feeding, ondulation domain, and secondary lobe level∞ is introduced.
Keyword Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm, Positional Perturbations, Global Numerical Optimization Problem
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/007
Author Jayant T Narayanan, Mary S Jose, Mridula N Raghvan
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract From a buzzword to a current-day reality, e-commerce in India has been experiencing remarkable growth, successfully changing the way people transact. People today can shop literally everywhere within minutes, be it their workstations or homes, and most importantly, at any time of the day at their leisure. The online market space in the country is burgeoning in terms of offerings ranging from travel, movies, hotel reservations and books to the likes of matrimonial services, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories and even groceries. India is home to 3,311 e-commerce hubs, 1,267 rural hubs, 391 export hubs and 2,217 import hubs1. To capitalise on the anticipated growth potential, a host of investors, including venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms are closely eyeing opportunities in e-commerce start-ups. At the same time, the sector is witnessing a swathe of consolidation owing to various mergers and acquisitions. The growing penetration of technology facilitators such as Internet connections, broadband and third generation (3G) services, laptops, smartphones, tablets and dongles, coupled with increasing acceptance of the idea of virtual shopping, is set to drive the e-commerce eco-system. The e-commerce marketing in India would surely witness a new world of digitalisation in the coming decade, with a host of start-ups emerging to compete with existing players in order to draw benefits from the new and existing markets. The absence of Government regulation aided with considerably lower initial costs required in setting up business in India makes this sector quite easy to enter. The presence of multifarious players in this sector is proven by the above said fact. Since this concept is still relatively new in India, there are ample opportunities and untapped potential which can be capitalized on. Though impediments such as general lack of confidence in online marketing and literacy and language barriers exist, yet the sector is slated to witness significant growth in the succeeding years.
Keyword Venture Capital, Private Equity, Virtual Shopping, Online Marketing, Penetration Of Technology Facilitators, Broadband And Third & Fourth Generation (3G/4G) Services
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/006
Author Dr.C.B.PradeepaDevi*., Dr.S.Jenifer
Subject Category BIOTECHNOLOGY
Abstract Solid waste is a waste that includes predominantly household waste with some times the addition of commercial wastes collected by a municipality with in a given area.Batch Anaerobic reactor was set up to decompose the waste to produce methane, co2, hydrogen and other gases in traces. Anaerobic digestion of wastes was carried out in the laboratory at room temperature, to assess the biogas production. The total biogas production from the wastes was found to be 6lit/kg. The results from the biomethanation process showed that an increase in gas production was observed with increase in digestion period, when bioconversion parameters were found to be favorable for the production of gas.
Keyword Anaerobic Digestion, Kitchen Waste, Distillery Sludge, Biogas
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/005
Paper Title Curvelet Transform-Based Method to Enhance Brain Hemorrhage Segmentation
Subject Category
Abstract The curvelets are based on multiscale ridgelets combined with a spatial bandpass filtering operation. These bandpass filters are set so that the curvelet length and width at fine scale obey the scaling rule width ≈ length2. A two-dimensional wavelet transform is used to isolate the image at different scales and the spatial partitioning is used to break each scale into blocks. Large-size blocks are used to partition the large scale wavelet transform components and small size blocks are used to partition the small scale components. Finally, the ridgelet transform [12] is applied to each block. In this way, the image edges at a certain scale can be represented efficiently by the ridgelet transform because the image edges are almost like straight lines at that scale. Thus, the curvelet transform is an extension of the ridgelet transform to detect curved edges effectively. the performance of proposed denoising approach is compared with total variation method and three different curvelet-based methods namely USFFT_Clet, WRAP_Clet, and cycle spinning-based CS_Clet. The performance evaluation is focused to improve the visibility and detectability of hemorrhage from brain CT images. The suggested approach utilizes the features of both TV method and curvelet transform-based method. It reduces the staircase effect induced by TV method and visual distortion induced by curvelet transform in the homogeneous region of the image.
Keyword Curvelet transform, two-dimensional wavelet transform, Smooth Partitioning, Ridgelet analysis
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/004
Author Hunger J. S. , Mary Lewis. T.
Subject Category Engineering
Abstract Importance of mechanical vibrations in the field of engineering is all too well known. Most engineers are fairly knowledgeable about the plenty of disadvantages vibrations pose. However, there are a few merits of mechanical vibrations as well. This is indeed stirring up engineers worldwide to concentrate their efforts to make advantages use of vibrations, while curtailing its disadvantages. Vibration is commonly used when density separation techniques are employed. Vibrating sieves are widely used in industry. One may prefer to have one’s cell phone in a vibrating mode. Vibration is an integral and indispensable part of almost all reciprocating and rotating machinery. When vibration is undesirable, like in the case of an old engine or as in the case of an earthquake, one has to devise ways of controlling it or eliminating it completely if possible. Vibration can be controlled only when the engineer acquires complete knowledge of its source and cause. Engineering instrumentation and measurement is the key to controlling mechanical vibrations.
Keyword Mechanical Vibrations, Engineering Instrumentation, Low Frequency Accelerations
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/003
Author Dr. Sunil Taneja, Ms. Pratibha*
Paper Title GST: A Revolutionary Indirect Tax Reform in India
Subject Category commerce
Abstract GST is a transformational and revolutionary tax reform. It is a new system that has replaced the old system. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax which is introduced in India on 1 July 2017 and is applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. GST (Goods & Services Tax) is a single unified indirect tax system aims at uniting India’s complex taxation structure to a ‘One Nation- One Tax’ regime. The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a very significant step in the field of indirect tax reforms in India. GST will be beneficial for traders, consumers, government and whole economy. GST would make Indian products competitive in the domestic and international markets. Studies show that this would have a boosting impact on economic growth. From the consumer point of view, the major advantage would be in terms of a reduction in prices due to the overall tax burden on goods. GST, because of its transparent and online system, would be easier to administer. As a coin have both sides same GST have some limitations but these limitations can be easily managed by proper administration of the system. GST is a new term for the business community so it is the responsibility of Government to organize awareness and training programs for business community so that they can easily understand the concept but also able to implement the same.
Keyword GST (Goods and Services Tax), Indirect Tax, Tax Reforms, Economic growth
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/002
Author Jayant Y. Srihari, K Ramchanndra Rao, Jaya S. Nanthini, T.R.Roseline
Paper Title A Risk Assessment-Based Approach To Groundwater Protection Management System & Sustainable Development
Subject Category Environmental Engineering
Abstract The primary motivation for the study of groundwater has traditionally been its importance as a source. Groundwater is less important in industrial usage, but it provides a significant percentage of the supply for domestic use, both rural and urban, and for irrigation. If groundwater is to continue to play an important role in the development of the world's water resources potential, then it will have to be protected against the increasing threat of subsurface contamination. Groundwater protection management must be dealt with simultaneously with management plan. Reconnaissance, investigations, pilot studies, planning and evaluation of usable groundwater resources should always precede their abstraction. Groundwater resources vary in their quality and vulnerability and possess different environmental and socio-economic values on regional and local scales. Groundwater protection strategy should always be co-ordinate with the protection of the remaining components of the hydrologic cycle, land-use planning and abstraction of other natural resources. Groundwater protection policy and strategy should be based on the concept that prevention of pollution is always less expensive than aquifer rehabilitation - a costly, long term and technically demanding task. Groundwater protection is not an isolated action but a long-term and multidimensional programme. A Groundwater Protection Scheme provides guidelines for the planning and licensing authorities in carrying out their functions, and a framework to assist in decision-making on the location, nature and control of developments and activities in order to protect groundwater. Use of a scheme will help to ensure that within the planning and licensing processes due regard is taken of the need to maintain the beneficial use of groundwater. A Groundwater Protection Scheme aims to maintain the quantity and quality of groundwater, and in some cases improve it, by applying a risk assessment-based approach to groundwater protection and sustainable development. In this way it helps public authorities to meet their responsibility to protect groundwater. This would include planning authorities which have a major function in the development and control of land use and the built environment.
Keyword Reconnaissance, Investigations, Pilot Studies, Planning, Evaluation , Usable Groundwater Resources
Paper ID IJIFR/V5/E1/001
Author J N Marvick, Kent T. Richard
Subject Category Geomechanics & Construction Engineering
Abstract Many macroscopic models based on damage and plasticity theories have been proposed and implemented in commercial FE codes with varying degrees of success however, as mentioned earlier, they often use parameters that are difficult to determine and thus far no one model has been able to fully simulate all aspects of the complex behaviour of concrete. Therefore the development of an accurate and robust constitutive model remains a challenge. a microcrack initiation criterion is proposed employing the exterior point Eshelby solution which captures tensile stress concentrations in the vicinity of the matrix-inclusion boundary. Microcracks can therefore be assumed to initiate in the interfacial transition between coarse aggregate particles and mortar. Numerical predictions compared against experimental results are presented for a range of uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial simulations in order to assess the performance of the proposed model at a constitutive level. In this paper, details of the formulation of a microcrack initiation criterion based on the assumption that microcracks are initiated in the interfacial transition zone between coarse aggregate particles and the mortar matrix are presented. A brief discussion of the damage criteria employed in several other micromechanical constitutive models is first presented followed by the formulation of the criterion for the initiation and evolution of microcracking which makes use of the exterior point Eshel by solution. Aspects regarding the geometrical characterization of the morphology of the crack surface are also addressed. Finally, the performance of the proposed constitutive model is assessed in a set of uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial simulations.
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It is required to obtain written confirmation from authors in order to acquire copyrights for papers published in the journal. We must need copyright form filled by corresponding author. We do not publish any paper without submission of copyright form. It is mandatory that a signed copyright letter should also be submitted along with the manuscript by the author to whom correspondence is to be addressed, delineating the scope of the submitted article declaring the potential competing interests, acknowledging contributions from authors and funding agencies, and certifying that the paper is prepared according to the 'Instructions for Authors .
Papers submitted for publication are selected on the basis of peer reviewed double - blind international refereeing process to ensure originality, relevance, and readability. We advice the authors to submit only authentic research work. Do not submit Plagiarized & others copied work. Enter your correct mobile numbers while online submission so that you can get status of your papers through our Automatic Mobile Information Service.
The authors who indulge in plagiarism or malpractice will be blacklisted. IJIFR publishers will judge any case of plagiarism on its limits.If plagiarism is detected by the editorial board member, reviewer, editor etc., in any stage of article process- before or after acceptance, during editing or at a page proof stage. We will alert the same to the author(s) and will ask them to rewrite the content or to cite the references from where the content has been taken. If more than 10% of the paper is plagiarized- the article may be rejected and the same is notified to the author & will not be acceptable in same issue after rejection.
Dear Friends / Scholars / Faculties, !!! Greetings from International Journal of Informative & Futuristic Research (IJIFR)!!! Successfully Completed 4TH Year of Research Publication The editorial board of IJIFR is very thankful for all the Research Contribution & support that you gave us during the last 4 year in making this International Journal one of the most prestigious , edifying & progressive research Journal . From last 4.2 years we have continuously published the superior & genuine work of researcher all around the world. Now, with this upcoming issue we are entering into our continuous 49TH EDITION, VOLUME - 5, ISSUE –1, SEPTEMBER 2017
All the Author's whose papers are accepted are advised to fill the copyright form completely & submit it to IJIFR as an email attachment immediately. IJIFR will not publish any paper that is not accompanied by a Self signed copyright agreement.Final Camera ready paper must be prepared as per IJIFR Paper Template.
Papers submitted for publication are selected on the basis of peer reviewed double - blind international refereeing process to ensure originality, relevance, and readability. We advice the authors to submit only authentic research work. Do not submit Plagiarized & others copied work. Enter your correct mobile numbers while online submission so that you can get status of your papers through our Automatic Mobile Information Service.
Authors are advised to mention the names of all the authors while online submission so that all the names can appear on e certificate after publishing.The names must be mention in same order as that in submitted paper.
Authors are advised to mention the names of all the authors while online submission so that all the names can appear on e certificate after publishing.
IJIFR has earned an excellent impact factor after rigorous evaluation of year 2016 .The new impact factor (Scientific Journal Impact Factor) after evaluation is 6.051. Also, IJIFR has successfully achieved high Info base 2015 Value =4.40, Index Copernicus International (Poland) IC Score=6.62 Journal Master List 2013.
All the Author's whose papers will be accepted are advised to fill the copyright form completely & submit it to IJIFR as an email attachment immediately. IJIFR will not publish any paper that is not accompanied by a signed copyright agreement. OR Authors can submit copyright form alongwith their original paper submission to IJIFR.
IJIFR special issue welcomes the papers from the new and recurring National Conferences, International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops conducted by colleges, universities, engineering institutes etc.All the papers will be published within special issue database which will be given special link through website. We will provide hardcopy of papers, certificate of publication individually to all the authors & special cover page having all conference details. All the papers of conferences will be published with ISSN number & will be available to different online resources joint with IJIFR.
All inconsistencies in the text and in the reference section and any typographical errors must be carefully checked and corrected before the submission of the manuscript. The article should not contain any such material or information that may be unlawful, defamatory, fabricated, plagiarized, or which would, if published, in any way whatsoever, violate the terms and conditions as laid down in the submission guidelines.Papers should bear the abstract, introduction, rationale, review, research design, analysis and interpretation, findings and conclusion, and references in IJIFR paper template. Fabricated and plagiarized data in any form will not be acceptable. Authors are advised to read submission guidelines carefully before submitting the paper online. The papers submitted must be research oriented & analytical in nature.
Papers will be accepted/Rejected or ask for Re Submission purely on the reviewers satisfaction report.You can check your paper status with in 7 days after receiving the submission acknowledgement.
Authors are invited to submit their original unpublished research work for continuous 49th Edition of IJIFR i.e. VOLUME-5, ISSUE-1 , SEPTEMBER 2017. Last Date for Final Camera Ready Paper submission (without any further modifications) is upto 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017. Finally, all accepted papers will be Published till 30TH, SEPTEMBER 2017 online . Also, fill all the details while online submission correctly so that you can get status of your papers through email & our MOBILE SMS Service correctly.While Online submission fill the names of all authors . Do not submit plagiarised & false contents. IJIFR is strictly against Plagiarism.