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Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/049
Author Dr.P.Felvia Shanthi
Subject Category Education
Abstract This paper comparatively assessing the relationship between Physiological needs of adolescents with reference to population and development education For this purpose 616 adolescents comprising both male and female were selected in Chennai city by adopting the Random Sampling Technique. Administering the standardised interview schedule constructed by the investigator was helpful to identify physiological needs of adolescents. The data collected were subjected to various statistical analyses. The results of the analysis were presented in the form of tables and interpreted appropriately to arrive at logical findings and conclusions. Majority (60.7%) of the adolescents have high level, above one third (31.2%) of them with medium level and only 8.1 per cent of the adolescents have low level of Opinion of adolescents towards existing practices. The Curriculum based Population and Development Education is classified into lower, medium and higher level according to the score value. It is found that, majority (64.6%) of the adolescents have high level, above one third (29.4%) of them with medium level and only 6 per cent of the adolescents have low Curriculum based Population and Development Education. It is concluded that on the basis of findings, there are difference between the Profile of adolescents such as age, sex, religion, type of school, location, type of family, number of members in the family and income. There are differences between level of need assessment of adolescents’ with the Opinion of adolescents to towards existing practices viz., Eve-teasing, alcoholism, smoking, personal hygiene, premarital sex and masturbation.
Keyword Physiological Needs, Adolescents, Population and Development Education
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/048
Author Rohan Rajput
Paper Title Experimental Analysis of Rice husk Ash as a replacement of cement in concrete.
Subject Category Civil Engineering
Abstract The rice husk, also called rice hull, is the coating on a seed or grain of rice. It is formed from hard materials, including silica and lignin, to protect the seed during the growing season. Each kg of milled white rice results in roughly 0.28 kg of rice husk as a by-product of rice production during milling. This husk is used as fuel in rice mills to produced steam for boiling process .This husk contain near about 75 % organic matter and the remaining 25% of this husk is modified into Ash during the firing process which known as rice husk ash (RHA). The rice husk ash (RHA) contain near about 85 % to 90 % amorphous silica. By using rice husk ash in concrete, we can improve the properties of concrete. OPC was replaced with RHA by weight at 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. 0% replacement served as the control. Compressive Strength test was carried out on hardened 150mm concrete cubes after 7, 14 and 28 days curing in water. This paper attempts to bring out the effectiveness of rice husk ash as a versatile concrete admixture and discusses some versatile application of rice husk ash concrete.
Keyword RHA, Silica, OPC, lignin.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/047
Author Dr. Rajesh Pandey
Paper Title Solutions of four point boundary value problems for non-linear second-order differential equations
Subject Category Mathematics
Abstract In this paper, we are concerned with the existence of symmetric positive solutions for second-order differential equations. Under the suitable conditions, the existence and symmetric positive solutions are established by using Krasnoselskii fixed-point theorems.
Keyword Boundary value problem, Symmetric positive solution, Cones, Concave, Operator
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/046
Author Mrs. Sheetal Sonwane
Paper Title FacetMiner : Mining Query Facets From Search Results
Subject Category Data Mining
Abstract Web has been widely used for getting different kinds of information in recent times. Important features of a query are generally presented and repeated in the top retrieved documents in the style of lists. Query facets can be extracted by collecting these significant lists. Query facets may give direct information or immediate answers that users are looking for i.e. user can choose a particular facet item which he found significant to his search need. So the list format style is much more user friendly than displaying searches sentence wise. The scope of FacetMiner system is limited to get search results of a query in list format i.e. facets. For the problem of finding query facets, a systematic solution, FacetMiner is proposed in which query facets are extracted from top search results of a query. Facets are mined out by extracting and grouping frequent lists from HTML tags, repeat regions, free text within top search results of a query. Previously there has been lot of work done for retrieving more relevant data to users in order to meet their information needs thus improving performance of search engines. Search engine provide the platform for users to describe their information need more clearly by using query facets mining. To extract information in the form of facets, a FacetMiner system is proposed.
Keyword Information Search, Clustering Algorithm, Query facet, Facet Extraction.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/045
Author RIJIN M E
Paper Title ASEAN: Confidence Building Measures in a fragmented world
Subject Category Political science
Abstract The Associations of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has followed a slow step-by-step approach in changing regional cooperation in order to make it more legally binding with institutionalized agreements. Certain external events, such as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) involving ASEAN’s important trading partners, have stimulated faster integration among member countries. Now ASEAN has become a successful regional organization in bringing the attention of the other countries in rest of the world. Through ASEAN's establishment, it prioritizes economic growth and development, social and culture in the countries of Southeast Asia. Apart from that, ASEAN tries to protect mutual interest and creating regional solidarity as well as promoting regional peace and stability. This paper tries to study the evolution of ASEAN, aims and purposes and fundamental principles of ASEAN and also makes an endeavor to understand the trade profile of ASEAN and agreements with ASEAN
Keyword Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), trade profile of ASEAN, agreements with ASEAN, Free Trade Agreements
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/044
Author Dr. Swaty Wadhwa and Ms. Sonal Pahwa
Paper Title Curbing Black Money: Is Demonetization the right move?
Subject Category Finance
Abstract The recent move by the government to demonetize Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes by replacing them with new currency has taken the entire nation by surprise. Government intends to tackle the nuisance of black money, corruption, terror funding and fake currency. In fact, the issue of black money is so huge that it has almost nullified all efforts of development made in past. It seems to be such a devil which disrupts the overall efforts made by India so far. This research paper discusses the concept, current status and reasons behind generation of black money and throws light on the impact of demonetization in curbing the black money.
Keyword Black Money, Black Economy, GDP, Demonetization.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/043
Author Neena J. Rayan
Subject Category EDUCATION
Abstract Academic misconduct refers to any type of cheating which occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It is prevalent in all levels of education. Some of the causes that pressurize the students and teachers to involve in Academic misconduct is any action or attempted action that may result in creating an unfair academic advantage for oneself or an unfair academic advantage or disadvantage for any other member or members of the academic community. Some of the causes that pressurize the students and teachers to involve in Academic misconduct are Productivity and competition, Deadlines, Collaborative and individual work, multiple roles, Processes and products, Criticism and trust, Lack of information. Types of Academic misconduct are Bribery, Cheating, Deception, Fabrication, Impersonation and Plagiarism. Academic integrity is based on the ethos that how to learn is as important as what to learn.
Keyword Academic Climate, Academic Misconduct and Academic Integrity
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/042
Author Nandhini.V
Subject Category Biochemistry
Abstract Medicinal plants are found to have the antihyperglycemic effect which may help to reduce the blood sugar level by stimulating the pancreas to release insulin and also reduces the serum marker enzymes.The present study focussed on the effect of hydroethanolic flower extract of Rosa damascena in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats indicates that the serum marker enzymes is found to be significantly reduced in the extract treated groups when compared to that of diabetic rats.Thus most of the medicinal plants are found to play a major role in mopping out the free radicals and also it helps to control the diabetes. mellitus.
Keyword Rosa damascena, streptozotocin, hydroethanolic, serum marker enzymes
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/041
Subject Category SOCIAL SCIENCE
Abstract The aim of this study was to find out the attitude towards e-Learning of teacher trainees in Thiruvallur district. The survey method was used for the study. The study involved 250 teacher trainees from 4 Educational colleges in Thiruvallur district. A questionnaire based on the newly developed e-Learning scale was used to gather the data. Data were analyzed using Descriptive Analysis and Inferential Analysis. It was found that the level of attitude of teacher trainees towards e-Learning is positive. There was significant difference in attitude towards e-Learning of teacher trainees with respect to their age,sex,locality of the institution.
Keyword Attitude, e-Learning,Teacher Trainees
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/040
Author Dr.R.vani
Subject Category Entrepreneurship
Abstract Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural and backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth. MSMEs are complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes enormously to the socioeconomic development of the country.
Keyword Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneur, Attitudes, SPSR Nellore District.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/039
Author Gichobu Jacinta Wanjira
Paper Title Critiquing the Role of Play on Learning Outcomes. A case of Pre-school pupils In Thika Sub-County, Kenya
Subject Category Early Education
Abstract Abstract The study intended to investigate the role of play on learning outcomes of preschool children in Thika Sub-county. The objectives of the study were based on the role of play on acquisition of problem solving, emotional development, language and cognitive development skills. The study adopted mixed method approach. The study applied explanatory sequential design. The target population for the study comprised of 35 preschools managers, 70 preschool teachers and 1295 preschool children all totaling to 1400. Using The Central Limit Theorem, 7 preschools (20% of 35) and 200 respondents (14.29% of 1400) were selected. The researcher then applied stratified sampling to create 7 strata based on the number of zones. Simple random sampling was applied to select 1 preschool from each stratum. From each stratum, 1 preschool manager and 4 preschool teachers were selected using purposive sampling whereas 5 preschool children were selected using simple random sampling from each stratum. Questionnaires were used to collect data from preschool teachers whereas interview schedules and observation checklist were used to gather information from preschool managers and preschool children respectively. Qualitative data was analyzed thematically along the study objectives whereas quantitative data was analyzed inferentially using One-Sample t-Test Analysis in Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 23). Findings of the study were presented using tables. The study established that there are different kinds of play which preschool children engage in which include; pretended, sociodramatic, hide and seek and singing games. Thus, teachers and other stakeholders should encourage preschool learners to participate effectively in any form of play as a strategy to enhance their problem solving attributes. Educators and parents should design paly activities in a manner that it captures critical aspects of learning such as role taking, interpersonal relations, peer interactions and communication skills. Educators and other stakeholders in early childhood education should design play programmes to enhance negotiation, goal seeking and decision-making which are key components of preschool children’s holistic growth and development. Educators, parents and Ministry of Education should provide pre-requisite play materials which are geared towards enhancing preschool children’s problem solving, emotional development, language and cognitive development. Ministry of Education and policy-makers should remodel the Physical Education Curriculum to incorporate more play activities geared towards enhancing preschool children’s problem solving, emotional development, language and cognitive development and allocate sufficient quality time for preschool children’s play.
Keyword Problem solving, emotional, language and cognitive development, Kenya
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/038
Author Dinesh .J , Gotham .S , Lini Thomas and Kogila.P
Paper Title Awareness of Diet Pattern Among Teenagers: A Descriptive Study
Subject Category Healthcare
Abstract A descriptive study to assess the knowledge on Body Mass Index and Food habits pattern among adolescents in a selected school at kelambakkam. The objective was to find out the association between knowledge on BMI& Food habits pattern. To find out the association between knowledge on Body Mass Index& Food habits pattern selected demographic variables. The sampling technique was non probability, convenient sampling technique with 95 samples and questionnaires were formulated, structured interview schedule and anthropometric assessment were used to collect data. The collected data was tabulated and analyzed .Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The study reveals that 53% of adolescents were having adequate knowledge and 24% of the adolescents were having moderate knowledge and 23% of the adolescent having inadequate knowledge.The mean value is 11.There was no significant association between the anthropometric measurements with selected demographic variables. The collected data was tabulated and analyzed .Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The mean value is 11. The study shows that 23 adolescents were under weight, 53 normal ranges, and 15 preobese, 3 obese class one, 0 obese class two and 1 obese class three knowledge
Keyword Body Mass Index, Food habits pattern, adolescents
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/037
Author Sarita Simaiya
Subject Category WSN
Abstract Sensor networks are dense wireless networks of small, low-cost sensors, which collect and disseminate environmental data. Wireless sensor networks facilitate monitoring and controlling of physical environments from remote locations with better accuracy. Security is also a main concern in WSN for researchers. In this research paper proposed ESRM (Efficient secure routing model). Proposed ESRM model covers how to make secure communication in WSN. ESRM uses secure routing for wireless networks based on Blowfish symmetric key cryptography with 32-bit key size and 16-rounds. The proposed ESRM crypto system is session based and the session key is changed after the end of each session. It divides the network into a number of clusters and selects a cluster head within each cluster. Communication between the sensor and the sink takes place at the three levels, a sensor to cluster, Cluster to the head and finally head to sink. Encryption of the sensed data is transmitted to the cluster head, which aggregated the data received from the sensor nodes of its cluster before forwarding to the next cluster head on the path or to the sink. Sensors do not participate in the routing scheme; their energy is conserved at each sensor node. Proposed ESRM methods are compared with various existing symmetric cryptography methods such as RC-6, AES, and DES.
Keyword Wireless Sensor Network, Security, ESRM, Blowfish, Reliability
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/036
Author Sarita Simaiya
Subject Category WSN
Abstract ABSTRACT The wide utilization of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is obstructed by the severely limited energy constraints of the individual sensor nodes. This is the reason why a large part of the research in WSNs focuses on the development of energy efficient routing protocols. Energy conservation is one of the major important issues in wireless sensor networks. In WSN communication is based on battery operated computing and sensing devices. In WSN sensor networks energy to be deployed in an Adhoc manner, with a positive approach, individual nodes can be largely inactive at idle periods of time, but when something is detected then becoming suddenly active. In WSN the major challenges for research are conservation of energy and security. Large-scale deployments will require routing protocols that scale to large network sizes in an energy-efficient way. Routing in WSNs is very challenging due to unique inherent characteristics (energy efficiency and awareness, connection maintenance, minimum resource usage limitation, low latency, load balancing in terms of energy used by sensor nodes, etc.) that distinguish this network from other wireless networks such as mobile ad hoc networks, cellular networks, and wireless mesh networks. This paper presents existing issues of WSN which can affect its performance and reliability and also proposed a reliability and performance improvement model for WSN.
Keyword Wireless Sensor Network, Reliability, Performance, Security, Energy
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/035
Author Jessily Elsa George , Steffe Prissilla, Tintu Rachel George, Kogila.P
Paper Title A study to assess the level of knowledge on childhood poisoning among mothers of under five children, at selected tertiary hospital Kelambakkam, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu India.
Subject Category Healthcare
Abstract The objectives of the study are assess the level of knowledge on childhood poisoning among mothers of under five children; to find out the association between level of knowledge on childhood poisoning and selected demographical variables of mother of under-five children. The sampling technique was non probability convenient sampling technique with the sample of 95 mothers; structured interview schedule were used to assess the knowledge. The collected data was tabulated. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyses the data. The study shows that 92.6% of the mothers are having adequate knowledge and 5.2% having moderately adequate knowledge and 2.1% having inadequate knowledge, so that health education for the mother can be incorporate to improve the mother’s knowledge who are having moderate and inadequate knowledge
Keyword Intoxication, Childhood Poisoning , Moderately Adequate Knowledge, Under Five Children
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/034
Author S.Haripriya ,KayalVizhi ,Soumya Sabu and and Kogila.P
Subject Category Healthcare
Abstract A Retrospective study of neonatal components relating to birth weight in tertiary care hospital. The objectives were to find out the association between the birth weight & neonatal components. A Sample of 642 neonates who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were selected for the study. An extensive review of literature and guidance by experts formed the foundation to the development of the study. The data collection was done by reviewing the medical records in medical record section. The collected data was tabulated and analyzed. The frequency distribution of the study shows that 83%neonates are belongs to normal birth weight, 12% neonates are belongs to low birth weight ,2.18% neonates are belongs to overweight and 0.98% neonates are very low birth weight.x2 value and ‘p’ value, for the association between birth weight and demographic characteristics significant at 0.05 Level are as follows, Gender -calculated value 10.589 > table value 7.815, Gestational age- calculated value 152.71 > table value 7.815, Parity- calculated value 8.22 > table value 7.815, Type of gestation - calculated value 26.52 > table value 7.815. It indicates that all 4 demographic characteristics are highly associated with newborn birth weight.
Keyword New born, Birth weight, Neonatal components, Retrospective study
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/033
Paper Title A Phenomenon Called GST
Subject Category Business Research
Abstract This study explains the GST concept, together with its implementation in India, while focusing on GST advantages and several challenges it has to encounter after its execution in India. The GST is the most crucial tax reforms, now took a giant Leap in India to form a central system of Indirect Taxation. GST initially proposed in 2010 by the previous FM, P. Chidambaram. However, because of political obstruction, and stakeholders conflicting interests, it was kept in abeyance. The main purpose of GST is to reduce the burden of indirect taxation and iron out several wrinkles formed due to past complications involving excise duty, value added tax, sales tax, service tax. The cascading effect will surely eliminate under projected GST, which will generate an additional state and central government revenue in the long run, for the substantial growth of the Indian economy.
Keyword Goods and Services Tax, SGST, CGST, Central Excise Duty, Central Value Added Tax, Constitution, GST Council, HST, QST.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/032
Author T. M. Selvara, Dr. J. V. Sivasamy, Ms.Padmini T. Santhalakshmi
Paper Title Comparison of Enhanced Greedy Traffic Aware Routing with Congestion Avoidance Traffic Aware Routing (CATAR) protocol in Vehicle Ad hoc Networks
Subject Category Adhoc Networks
Abstract VANETs (Vehicle Ad hoc Networks) are a type of mobile wireless networks. In this the vehicle acts as mobile node where vehicles can communicate with each other and with nearby fixed roadside infrastructure. The communication between vehicles is possible using a dedicated short range communication (DSRC) [2]. There are two types of Vehicle to Vehicle communication (V2V): one hop communication (direct vehicle to vehicle communication), and multi hop communication (vehicle relies on other vehicles to retransmit). For vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication and vehicle to Road Side Units (V2I), vehicles must be equipped with some sort of radio interface or On Board Unit (OBU) that enables short-range wireless ad hoc networks to be formed. From the updated information, nodes are able to select the next suitable hop for data transmission. CATAR proposes a new intersection-based geographical routing protocol based on E-GyTAR which also takes into consideration the traffic lights and the possibility of congestion in city environment. In CATAR, nodes are required to periodically broadcast “hello” messages to their neighbors in order to update their current information. In city scenarios CATAR routing protocol is better than Enhanced Greedy Traffic Aware routing in terms of different matrices. This is so because, in the proposed routing protocol congestion factor is considered along with the directional density. While in E-GyTAR routing protocol at some simulation time packet can be dropped that is not in the case of proposed routing protocol. Also the end to end delay obtained is lower than E-GyTAR.
Keyword DSRC, Network Traffic Congestion Information, Comparison, On Board Unit
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/031
Author P. Gopalachandra shekhar, M Venkateshwara
Subject Category Cloud Computing
Abstract The growing trend in migrating systems to use Cloud infrastructure to take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility that this form of IT provision can offer has caused concern within the security community, because this virtual and dynamic environment creates a new threat landscape. This paper takes a technical approach to securing a node within a Cloud service infrastructure, however, there are a number of other considerations, primarily legal and procedural that should be taken into account when selecting a Cloud provider. The methodology, results, challenges and recommended mitigations are detailed in this paper, which sets out best practices for securing Cloud nodes as a client and will help clients to assess and reduce any associated risk to their systems. Information about the general security issues discovered in actual Cloud nodes has also been fed back to the providers to enable them to resolve these issues. Management of nodes should be done via a secure mechanism. The majority of providers use a web-based application or an API to manage nodes. These management methods should have undergone independent security assessments which should be available to clients on request. In addition, to regular security reviews, the use of two-factor authentication to the management interfaces is recommended.
Keyword Cloud Infrastructure, Web-Based Application, Cloud Nodes, Results, Challenges And Recommended Mitigations
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/030
Author J. S. Winger, Lily Augustine, Marissa G. Lorenz
Paper Title A MMSE Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme for a New Adjustable Hybrid Spread OFDM system
Subject Category Communication Engineering
Abstract A multi-carrier OFDM system using a Cyclic Pre- fix (CP) for preventing inter-block interference is known to be equivalent to multiple flat fading parallel transmission channels in the Frequency Domain (FD). In such a system, the information sent on some carriers might be subject to strong attenuations and could be unrecoverable at the receiver. This has motivated the proposal of more robust transmission schemes combining the advantages of CDMA with the strength of OFDM known as OFDM-CDMA in which the information is spread across all the carriers by a pre-coding unitary matrix .This combination increases the overall frequency diversity of the modulator, so that unreliable carriers can still be recovered by taking advantage of the subbands enjoying a high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Although originally proposed for a multiuser access scheme, this concept can be used in a broader sense in all single user OFDM systems and is referred in the sequel as Spread OFDM (SOFDM). In this contribution, we have proposed and applied a new MMSE successive interference cancellation based on the V-BLAST algorithm to a new Hybrid adjustable OFDM modulator. The new diversity provided by the modification of the spreading nature provides means for great improvements over classical OFDM and SOFDM schemes at a cost of an increased arithmetical complexity for the decoding. A gain of more than 4.5 dB is achieved over MMSE VBLAST WH-SOFDM for a BER of 10-4in the uncoded case. These results, simulated in a realistic environment (HiperLAN/2), confirm that Hybrid OFDM is a promising transmission technique over frequency wireless selective fading channels. Simulations have been performed in the HL2 system context using QPSK constellations. HL2 is a N 64 carrier broadband wireless system operating in the 5GHz band over 20MHz (equivalent to IEEE802.11) using a 16 samples Cyclic Prefix. The BER versus Eb/No of the various detection algorithms are based on Monte Carlo simulations, with each trial corresponding to a different realization of the typical 5GHz wireless Channel Model specified by ETSI and assuming perfect synchronization and channel knowledge
Keyword OFDM-CDMA, MMSE VBLAST WH-SOFDM, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Hybrid Adjustable OFDM Modulator, Cyclic Prefix, Frequency Domain
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/029
Author Anupriya Jaiswal, Rupalika S Deshmukh, Pratima H Jadhav, Omkar Thorat
Subject Category Education
Abstract A well-organized academic module or course is best built around these three means. Traditional art education focuses on setting the teacher and historical masterpieces as examples for students to emulate. However, this can be a drawback because it is hard for students to reach the teacher's skill level which usually takes years of practice to accomplish. Using exemplars as an instructional resource not only empowers students to engage in their learning, but also helps teaching artists to evaluate their teaching pedagogies and develop their teaching resources. As previously mentioned, it takes extra time and determination for teaching artists to collect exemplars after finishing grading or reviewing student artworks at the end of semester. After that, it requires the action and patience of teaching artists to apply the student exemplars towards developing their teaching materials for next semester's teaching. New ideas and insights may be generated by discussing and studying former peers' artworks because students who are from similar backgrounds share similar experiences and social values. Disseminating student exemplars to the next group of students helps teaching artists to understand their students through their perspective and to set learning outcomes that their students can achieve. This paper explores collaborative teaching and learning by using student exemplars to heighten students' sensibilities and perceptions. By studying their former peers' artworks, new ideas and insights may be obtained because students who are from similar backgrounds share similar experiences and social values.
Keyword Education & Training, Teaching Resources, Action And Patience, Empowers Students, Heighten Students' Sensibilities, Reviewing Student Artworks
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/028
Author R S. Narayanaswamy, Jayaram Y, Manoraham Kumar
Subject Category Education
Abstract Building the evaluation capacity of districts and schools is critical, as is the willingness of staff to evaluate their efforts. Teachers, technology coordinators, school administrators, and evaluators can collaborate to identify the impacts associated with technology uses. Evaluation should build the capacity of teachers to assess technology resources and alignment of their uses with learning goals and content standards. Paper explain some of the best results in evaluating technology come from schools that recognize and harness the expertise teachers have in identifying technology-induced learning outcomes. Having teachers train teachers to evaluate the effects of technology in the classroom presents a powerful professional development strategy. Judgments about the effectiveness of technology should be made on the basis of specific, documented criteria. These criteria can be formulated at the outset of the implementation after gaining a thorough understanding of the nature of the implementation and the perceptions of its stakeholders. To diagnose strengths and weaknesses effectively, administrators and policy makers must know what outcomes are expected. Educational programs and educational technology plans should have written objectives that provide understandable levels of detail. Where objectives are vague, evaluators should work closely with administrators to understand and clarify what the target audience should be able to know and do after technology implementation. Evaluation information will be especially useful when target goals and outcomes are agreed upon and documented by stakeholders and evaluators. Evaluators should also be attentive to the possibility of unplanned effects that might contribute to or hinder achievement.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/027
Author Dr.K.Rajeswari and Meenaatchi.S.M
Paper Title A User Friendly Drug Pathway Check-Up With Accessibility And Availability In Emerging Tendency
Subject Category Computer Science
Abstract mergency relates to the surrounding as something has to be done quickly as much as faster. Emergency situation often happens in the medical Phenomenon, road side accident and in many as depends on the backdrop. Everything comes to online as it has called ready-made. In One-Click people can make anything, at anytime, from anywhere that’s generally say as Internet, this can be survived using many network linked provider. Anything can be done, but at the crisis of time, what makes so much helpful to us is very big Nothing. People with an Emergency Situation, needs some technical ideas to safeguard their lives using medicines as “First-Aid”. Searching or wandering here and there for the medicine makes the people so trouble, without knowing the avability of the medicine. To overcome this crisis, emergency trends can be applied to optimize by Tracking the nearby drug store and openness.
Keyword Data Possession, Dynamic Association, Knowledge Mining and Direct track
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/026
Author Gopal S.Gawande
Subject Category
Abstract The number of plant species, in present time, is on verge of extinction. Thus owing to this threat to plant species their identification has become very need of time. This paper presents a technique that has been implemented for the identification of plant species. This identification is based on leaf images. The plant species identification involves three steps such as pre-processing, feature extraction and classification.
Keyword Feature extraction, Classification, Neural Networks.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/025
Author Dr. Rajesh Pandey
Paper Title Evaluation of Certain Theta Functions Using Ramanujan Modular Equations
Subject Category Mathematics
Abstract In this Paper, an attempt has been made to establish modular identities with the help of Ramanujan modular equations and using these identities, we have evaluated certain theta functions defined by Ramanujan.
Keyword Modular equation, Modular identities, Theta function, Product identity multiplier
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/024
Author Shiv Kumar
Paper Title Analysis of Iris Centre Recognition in Unconstraint Biometrics
Subject Category Security
Abstract Biometrics has been generally contemplated and connected adequately in a few applications like some of them are confirmation in profoundly confined territory, participation record in office premises, citizenship ID and check, scientific and security. It exist in a few modalities (attributes, for example, confront, iris, unique mark, walk keeping in mind the end goal to give the adaptability to pick one or consolidate more than one modalities for acknowledgment according to the accessibility and plausibility related with destinations of use. Because of simple accessibility and reasonable cost of equipment and gadgets, biometrics has been a favored decision even in individual gadgets like PC, PDA and cell phones over a secret word based confirmation. Being arranged in two general classes in view of the circumstances to be utilized as a part of: controlled condition and unconstrained or non-agreeable circumstances, biometrics examine has been progressing towards the later classification since most recent couple of years because of a few advantages. The primary obstacles in unconstrained biometrics are decrease in measure of information and consequently data in caught picture non-consistency over the distinctive catches of pictures as far as stance.
Keyword Biometrics, Iris Recognition, HOG, LBP, PCA
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/023
Author Sreekeshava K S
Paper Title A parametric Study on the conventional method of construction and stage-wise construction of 2D plane frames with Finite element package
Subject Category Structural Engineering
Abstract A rational method is adapted to design the structures which are relaxing on soil medium should take into account both deformation characteristics of the soil media and flexibility characteristics of the structures. For an interaction problems the analytical treatment is introduced which involves mathematical and computational efforts which are having standard theories of elasticity or plasticity. Analysis of reinforced cement concrete plane framed structure using the conventional method of construction, it is assumed that the base of structure is fixed, that is ignoring the flexibility characteristics of the soil and foundation, and however the soil and foundation are having some flexibility characteristics. The interaction analysis is carried out by considering the flexibility characteristics of soil and foundation. In the past the interpretation of interaction analysis results are achieved through considering the ratio of relative stiffness of different elements of total structural system. Using the flexural stiffness of the super structure, foundation and also stiffness of soil we are going to calculating the different parameters which are helpful in finding the interaction analysis results. Hear, we are going to find out the variations or deviation of axial forces and bending moment of different structural components of the structure which is subjected to the normal vertical static loads over feasible practical ranges of relative stiffness of super structure to soil and foundation to soil by considering the soil medium as a winkler spring model for interaction analysis. Interaction is carried out with sequential loading as in the same order to find out the variation. Through these practical ranges of relative stiffness to be implemented to reduce the variation of axial forces and bending moments in the different members of the structure.
Keyword Interaction analysis, Sequential load, Relative stiffness, Conventional method, Stage-wise construction, Winkler spring model.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/022
Author Harsh Hemani
Paper Title The Impact Of Stock Splits On Stock Liquidity And Investor Wealth Creation.
Subject Category Finance
Abstract The paper address the effect of stock splits on the share price and the stock’s liquidity in the post event and pre-event window. A stock split is merely a cosmetic event as there is no impact on the overall market capitalization of the company. The criteria used to decide the quantum of change is “abnormal returns”. According to the findings, there exists some abnormal returns in the pre-event window however volumes did not show abnormality. In the post event window, there exist no excess returns thus indicating that the stock split did not increase shareholder wealth. It was observed that after the execution of the stock split there exist excess volumes thus validating the reason of the stock split i.e. to increase tradability. So, the analysis suggests that stock split does not have any positive impact on wealth of the share holder at all but it improves liquidity of the stock very significantly.
Keyword stock splits, abnormal returns, mean cumulative abnormal returns (mcar), liquidity, pre-event window, post event window, excess volumes
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/021
Author Manik Chand Patnaik
Paper Title A Model for using ICT for Poly-Cultural Process Orientation of Itinerant Employees
Subject Category Human Resource
Abstract When we talk about doing business in a global context we often overlook aspects of cross cultural dimensions and focus on profitability and expansion of the business off-shores. However many businesses have found out in the hard way that cultural dimensions cannot be overlooked and written off as minor quirks. As culture can deeply impact businesses, we need to learn about the how and why of social, corporate, ethics and other societal aspects of the new operational environment before we embark upon our journey of business there. As many organizations have few key people who need to be always itinerant between countries and interact with people from different cultures, training them for a different cultural context becomes highly essential. In this paper a model has been presented which can be used to orient such itinerant employees for their future cross cultural rendezvous.
Keyword Cross Culture, Training, Human Resource Management, Executive Training, Custom Training
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/020
Paper Title Mr
Subject Category MANAGEMENT
Abstract In the event of severe competitions in the Insurance sector, in India, an attempt has been made to analyze the SERVQUAL of Life Insurance Corporation of India, a public enterprises, through the perceptions of insured in North Telangana Region. This study presents mainly the reviews and the concepts. However, to establish the construct validity of the SEVQUAL model with reference to the insured in the study area, confirmatory factor analysis was done.
Keyword SERVQUAL, Insurance, Insurer, Insured, Premium, Customer Service, Customer Expectation, Customer Value, and Customer Satisfaction
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/019
Author monika
Subject Category human resource management
Abstract The issue of unemployment rate among the students in India has become a worrying trend. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also promoted entrepreneurship as he has announced a new campaign ‘Start- up India; Stand up India’ to promote bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job creation. There is a need to develop entrepreneurs out of the young generation and lead them to choose self-employment as a career option. The present study showed that the relationship between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial self-efficacy among management students. We evaluated 65 MBA students which were randomly selected from Anand management college and Hindustan institute of technology and management in Agra. The findings of the study showed that level of emotional intelligence of students was more than medium but not high. Chi- square value was rejected the all null hypotheses it means that emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial self-efficacy were not independent they have significant association to each other. This is where emotional intelligence could play a major role in developing effective entrepreneurial self-efficacy among students so that they become job generators in instead of job seekers. More future research in this direction will bring more useful information and will prove more beneficial for the entrepreneurship development.
Keyword Emotional intelligence, Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Social skills and Entrepreneurial self-efficacy, Management students. In
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/018
Paper Title Contract Farming and Its Economic Impacts – Case of the Contract farmers of Jalandhar and Bhatinda, Punjab, India
Subject Category Agriculture Geography and Economic Geography
Abstract Indian farmers with small marketable surplus, having very little price information and located far away from wholesale markets (mandis) find it difficult to market their produce. High value commodities are often perishable in nature and lack of coordinated supply chains can result in significant post-harvest losses, thus it results in low net returns to the farmers. Strengthening institutions like contract farming is an option to provide risk-mitigating services to the farmers. In this prospect, this paper is an attempt to find out economic impacts of contract farming on farmers' life in Punjab.
Keyword Contract Farming, Middlemen (Arthiya), United Breweries ltd. (UBL), Punjab Agro Food Corporation ltd (PAFC)
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/017
Paper Title Impact of Indian Cinema in Social Awareness
Subject Category Media and Mass Communication
Abstract The Indian cinema has remained the most powerful media for mass communication in India. It has the ability to combine entertainment with communication of ideas. Indian cinema has touched peoples, characters through many productions. It breaks the dullness and monotony of life and regenerates us from the everyday chores of life. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Indian cinema is like a mirror reflecting the hopes, ambitions, frustrations and contradictions of the society, which leads to an attachment of social responsibility to it. It becomes important to avoid such stories, which may lead to corrosion of social morals and values. The influence of cinema cannot be underestimated as it plays a very important role in our social, political, educational and moral life. Accordingly, the audiences automatically engross what is seen on the cinema screen. Our style intelligence, responses, and habits are influenced by Indian cinema.
Keyword Cinema, Awareness, Youth, Society, Impact.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/016
Author Jayagovind R L
Paper Title Socio Economic Status of the Slum dwellers in Trivandrum
Subject Category paper publication
Abstract This study analyze the socio economic status of slum dwellers in Trivandrum city. With the objectives to understand the education and employment conditions of slum residents. The study engaged 60 samples which are divided into 30 and collected respondents from two major slums of Trivandrum city. A descriptive research design is adopted for the study and the tool for data collection is self-prepared questionnaire. The collected data is entered into Microsoft excel and analyzed and interpreted. To find out strategies for the prevention health and social condition of urban slums and to understand the involvement of Governments and development boards and other organizations on socio economic issues of slums
Keyword Health, Slum, Development, Education
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/015
Abstract Incarceration was not a common form of punishment in pre-modern societies across the globe. The rise of enlightened ideas of eighteenth-century also affected the punishment mechanism of Europe. Reformists felt that restricting liberty of the convict itself was a retribution for crime, thereby ideas of incarceration as a full-fledged form of punishment was born. The aims of prison had been expanded from restricted freedom to reforming the inmate as a responsible citizen by providing work, education etc. It is in this process that construction of prisons on a definite architectural line had gained momentum. In the backdrop of new relations of disciplinary power, the idea of prison architecture was born in late eighteenth century Europe. Construction of prisons had been part of colonial policy in India. Thus, after almost more than thirty years of establishment of the Penal Settlement in the Andamans, the British conceived the idea of a solitary confinement known as the Cellular prison for the newly arrived convicts. The Cellular Jail was a typical brick and concrete structure that represented exploitative authority of the colonial rulers. Placed in the middle of the black water of the Andaman Sea, the Jail silently witnessed so many atrocities and inhuman torture against its inmates by the Penal administration. The present paper discusses about various stages that had gone through in the construction of the Cellular jail, from its very idea to selection of the site, labour, material, architectural design and other important features of the penitentiary. In order to write this research paper, colonial records available in the library of Cellular jail, and archives of Port Blair and other secondary sources were used.
Keyword Cellular prison, Incarceration, Penitentiary, convict, confinement, Gallows.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/014
Author Sano Kurien Mathew
Paper Title Prevalence of Knowledge and Attitude towards HIV/AIDS amongst the Female Sex Workers in Kollam, Kerala
Subject Category Knowledge and Attitude
Abstract The research study is on awareness of HIV/AIDS among female sex workers in Kollam.Sex workers in India are as much an issue as the discrimination faced by other marginalized groups along lines of class, caste, race or religion. Due to this women cannot access good healthcare and are often subject to abuse, violence and exploitation by police and government officials, while their children face harassment in schools and the workplace The study titled awareness of HIV/AIDS among female sex workers in Kollam, Kerala involves Descriptive research design to identify HIV/AIDS awareness level among female sex workers. The study is conducted Purposive sample method among 30 sex workers in Kollam. The main objective of the study is to identify the socio economic challenges faced by female sex workers and to identify the level of knowledge on HIV/AIDS. The hypothesis of the study is higher the vulnerability, lower will be the socio-economic status and lower the awareness about safe sex, higher the risk to health hazards. The universe of the study is Female sex workers in Kollam, and the unit of the study is Female sex workers in Vallikeezhu. Inclusion sample as women who are engaged in sex work and the exclusion sample as Women who are not engaged.
Keyword Discrimination, Health, Vulnerability, Violence
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/013
Paper Title Qualitative, quantitative and comparative analysis of diabetic eye classifier
Abstract Diabetic eye screening is a key part of diabetes care. People with diabetes are at risk of damage from diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to sight loss if it is not treated. It occurs when diabetes affects small blood vessels, damaging the part of the eye called the retina. When the blood vessels in the central area of the retina (the macula) are affected, it’s known as diabetic retinopathy. This project presents a method for detection and classification of exudates in coloured retinal images. It eliminates the replication exudates region by removing the optic disc region. Several image processing techniques including Image Enhancement, Segmentation, Classification, and registration has been developed for the early detection of DR on the basis of features such as blood vessels, exudes, haemorrhages and micro aneurysms. This project presents a review of latest work on the use of image processing techniques for DR feature detection.
Keyword Dynamic Shape Features, Retina, Retinopathy Screening, Lesion Detection
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/012
Author R.Anantha Laxmi1 and Dr.M.Jeyakumari2 PhD Research Scholar, PG and Research Department of Commerce, V.O.Chidambaram College, Thoothukudi,1 Associate Professor, PG and Research Department of Commerce, V.O.Chidambaram College, Thoothukudi2
Paper Title Living Standard Of Salt Workers Community In Southern Districts Of Tamil Nadu
Subject Category Commerce
Abstract Salt workers are engaged in salt production spending eight months of a year in remote locations devoid of any infrastructure for housing, health and education. Due to lack of other opportunities and less accessibility, most continue the salt work. They are the victims of low wages, seasonal unemployment, low incomes, poverty and indebtedness. The low access to information and illiteracy limits them from thinking about alternative livelihood options. In this paper, the researchers analyse the living standards of salt workers from the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. This paper gives a comprehensive picture of the socio economic status and standard of living of the salt workers in terms of their earnings, indebtedness and possession of household facilities. A sample size of six hundred and ninety four respondents is selected for the research from Thoothukudi, Ramanathapuram and Kanyakumari districts. The study quantitatively analyses the salt workers’ demographic profile, income, expenditure, earnings, indebtedness and possession of household facilities using primary data. Appropriate findings and suggestions are given in the paper
Keyword Poverty, salt worker, socio economic status
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/011
Author Nitesh jain,Riyaz Rafique ,Dr G.R.selokar Priyanka jhavar
Paper Title Review on Performance Study of Single Cylinder Four Stroke C.I. Engine by using Castor Methyl Ester Blends with Diesel”
Subject Category Mechanical engg
Abstract The depletion of oil resources as well as the environmental regulation has led to the development of alternate energy sources. In this present work the performance characteristics of a single cylinder diesel engine when fulled with blends of Castor oil and diesel are evaluated. Experiments were conducted with different blends (B10&B20) of Castor oil and diesel as various loads. The results show that the brake thermal efficiency of diesel is slightly higher at all loads followed by blends of Castor oil and diesel, it has been established that 20% of Castor oil biodiesel can be use as a substitute for diesel without any engine modification thus Castor oil as non-edible oil can be a good renewable raw material for biodiesel production.
Keyword Keywords: alternate fuels, blends, diesel engine, Castor oil, performance, Transesterification.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/010
Author Viji V.
Paper Title The Conceptualization, Theorization and Functional Structuring of SOLO Taxonomy in the Teaching of Science: An Anecdotal Description by a Researcher
Subject Category Education
Abstract Education primarily centers on the targets or goals, which are outlined by educational objectives, focused on the realization of fruitful learning experiences through instruction. Educationalists and mentors intend to cultivate distinct behavioural attributes in students, which are productively achieved through educational
taxonomies. Taxonomies are cataloging structures based on a logistic pattern, which signify a group of thoughtfully conceived and precise terms, well-arranged from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract. Educational taxonomies are categorization frameworks to systematize educational goals and decide the suitability of particular learning outcomes in a simple and reasonable manner within the classroom. Various distinctive educational taxonomies have developed with the objective of extending the teacher-pupil collaboration beyond the four walls of the classroom. This paper is an upshot of the insightful scrutiny and analysis of the major educational taxonomies defined and developed by renowned educators. Among the chief educational taxonomies, the SOLO Taxonomy developed by Biggs and Collis in 1982, which organized objectives in five levels of understanding as Pre-structural, Unistructural, Multistructural, Relational and Extended Abstract, was carefully studied, and an infographics on the SOLO Taxonomy was created. The investigator framed the phases as well as constructed lesson templates based on these phases, for each of the major educational taxonomies, including SOLO Taxonomy, in order to make them appropriate for classroom instruction. The investigator also spotted the struggles encountered in the real-life application of the SOLO Taxonomy in classroom scenario by way of a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Generation Session.
Keyword Educational Objectives, Educational Taxonomy, SOLO Taxonomy, Levels of Understanding, Lesson Template, Infographics, Frequently Asked Question Generation Session
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/009
Author DR. Neeta Avinash Wahane
Paper Title Juvenile Nephroophthisis with review of literature along with an autopsy case report”
Subject Category Pathology
Abstract Nephroophthisis is an autosomal recessive cystic kidney disease that contributes the most frequent genetic cause of End stage kidney disease (ESKD). It is a rare disorder that affects 9/13 million and accounts for 10-25% of these patients. There are three clinical forms of Nephroophthisis which have been distinguished depending upon the onset of ESKD- 1) Infantile, 2) Juvenile and 3) Adolescent which manifests ESKD at the age of 1, 13 and 19 years respectively. We report an autopsy case in 11 years old boy that had history of chronic kidney disease. The gross examination of bilateral kidneys showed uniform granular and finely scarred surface with adherent capsule at places. Multiple small medullary cysts up to size 8mm were seen on cut-surface. The histological findings of examined slides from the representative’s areas showed extensive sclerosis of glomeruli, peri- glomerular fibrosis, interstitial chronic infiltrate of lymphocytes and few plasma cells. There are also areas showing tubular dilatation and cystic changes involving distal tubules and collecting ducts. Thus findings of gross and histological features confirmed the diagnosis of Nephroophthisis Hence it should always be kept in mind while dealing with ESKD at an early age.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/008
Author Sreekeshava K S
Paper Title Analytical Studies on The Modelling of Masonry-Infill Reinforced Concrete Frames Under Lateral Loads
Subject Category Structural Engineering
Abstract Constructions methods being practiced in urban centers are with reinforced concrete (RC) frames being in-filled with brick or concrete block masonry. The behavior of RC frames under gravity loads are well understood and hence only the mass of MI is being considered in the analysis of such frames. The lateral load response of MI-RC frame resulting due to wind or seismic loads is largely influenced due to the high lateral stiffness and strength contributed by MI and they also influence the post yield response of the structural system significantly. This thesis highlights the influence of brick masonry infill on the design values of MI-RC frames under various load combinations as prescribed by the Indian seismic code depending on the type of modeling technique adopted to model the MI-RC frames. Analytical modelling has been discussed for various types of masonry infills and feasible one is modelling as diagonal strut element is recommended using finite element software.
Keyword In-filled RC frame; Lateral stiffness; Diagonal strut, Base shear, lateral load response.
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/006
Subject Category zoology
Abstract Oxoypidea commonly known as lynx spider for its ambush hunting, also as speedy runners and leapers, alert and with good vision. The morphometric measurements and sexual size dimorphism (SSD) of 10 males and 7 females were carried out. The male pedipalp and female epigynum were removed, mounted and detailed structure was described. The objective of the study focuses on finding out the remarkable difference of SSD of both male and female. The principle component analysis (PCA) was performed for 16 variables and found that visually even though not much difference in the sexual size dimorphism (SSD) between male and female, the principle component analysis has showed a significant difference in SSD on both. The 1st principle component accounts for 55.23 % of total variance(0.922 weightage) on total body breadth dorsal view as its dominant term and the 2nd principle component whose dominant term is the total body breadth ventral view with a total percentage variance of 22.585(0.652 weightage) Since the first two components together accounts for 77.818 of the total variance, each individual is represented as a point in the co-ordinate space of the associated amplitudes of the two principle components. The points filled as two obvious clusters confirming the succinct sexual dimorphic feature of the spiders.
Keyword Oxyopes species, Morphometric measurements, Pedipalp, Epigynum & Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/005
Author J. R. Janitha Rani, Ph.D. Research Scholar, M. S. University, Tirunelveli, Dr. H. Deepa, Assistant Professor, DD & CE, M.S. University, Tirunelveli
Subject Category Education
Abstract Teachers are responsible to guide students to learn by providing clear directions and explanations in order to educate the future generation. In the present study the investigator has attempted to study the self-esteem of secondary teacher education students. The sample consisted of 900 secondary teacher education students, who were studying B.Ed. degree in Colleges of Education at Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Thoothukudi district and the investigator adopted the normative survey method. The findings of the study were, i) No significant difference was found between male and female students in their self-esteem and its dimensions and ii) significant difference was found between married and unmarried secondary teacher education students in their self-esteem and its dimensions
Keyword Self Esteem, 900 Secondary Teacher Education Students, B.Ed. Degree Colleges, Normative Survey Method, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari & Thoothukudi, Married & Unmarried Secondary Teacher Education Students
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/004
Author Prof. Pravat Kumar Dhal
Subject Category Educational Sociology
Abstract Ambedkar was a beckoning leader of the Untouchables, but he was also much more- patriot, scholar, thinker and Founding Father of the Indian Constitution. Babasaheb’s contribution to the advancement of education in the country is multifarious. Educate, Organize and Agitate was his burning message. His empowerment refers to increase in the spiritual, political, social, racial, educational, gender or economic strength of individuals and communities. The term empowerment covers a vast landscape of meanings, interpretations, definitions and disciplines ranging from psychology and philosophy to the highly commercialized self-help industry and motivational sciences. Ambedkar wanted the people to cultivate the values of freedom and equality among themselves; it is possible only through education. He regarded education as a means to reach the doors of light and perception to remove the regions of darkness and ignorance. Ambedkar emphasized on secular education for social emancipation. The basic theme of his philosophy of education is: inculcating the values of liberty, equality, fraternity, justice and moral character among the boys and girls of all shades. By the way of his educational philosophy, I shall view that by experiencing full freedom of education without the barriers of any caste, creed and race; it is the best way for the enlightenment of human beings from ignorance.
Keyword Secular education, Social emancipation, Frontier of oppressed, Human Rights, Equal opportunity, Empowerment,
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/003
Author Ms.Sheetal Patel*Dr.Sandhya Choudhary** Dr. Abhay Wankhede**Dr.V.K. Swarnakar
Paper Title Knowledge & Adoption Behavior of Flower Growers Under NHM in Ujjain Dist. of Madhya Pradesh, India
Subject Category Agricultural Extension
Abstract India has an ancient heritage of floriculture. Commercial floriculture however is of recent origin. Still 98.5% of flowers are grown under open cultivation and hardly 1.5% flowers are grown under greenhouse. The commercial floriculture is now recognized as an important sector with the potential for generating employment and earning valuable foreign exchange. There has been tremendous growth in the demand and consumption of floriculture products in the last two decades therefore the study was conducted in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain district is one of the important flower growing districts and hence, considered under National Horticultural Mission (NHM) programme by taking 120 flower growers. Knowledge & adoption behaviour of flower growers, in present study, refers the extent of improved flower production technology and practices adopted by the flower growers under NHM programme on their farm as per the recommendation. To measure the level of adoption behaviour, adoption index was developed which consisted of 14 practices. The perusal of data with respect to level of overall knowledge & Adoption of flower growers in respect of floriculture package of practices revealed that, the highest proportion of the flower growers about floriculture package of practices.
Keyword Knowledge level: Knowledge as defined, is body of understood information possessed by individual flower growers. Adoption behaviour of flower growers: Adoption behaviour of flower growers, in present study, refers the extent of improved flower production technology and practices adopted by the flower growers under NHM programme. NHM-National Horticulture Mission
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/002
Author Dr. Ravindra Babu(Associate Professor, Adama Institute of Technology University) and Dr. Vasu Pinnti(Associate Professor, WSU, Vijayawada, India2)
Paper Title Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Cloud Applications
Subject Category Cloud Computing
Abstract As many quality critical applications are migrating to clouds, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) have become vital properties for cloud applications. There- fore, the provisioning mechanism, which aims to make the virtual infrastructure recover from sudden failures quickly or adapt dynamic properties of applications, is essential. However, most current provisioning mechanisms focus on the cloud provider and are developed for specific hardware. This paper proposes a mechanism to partition a customer’s cloud resource requests efficiently across multiple domains or clouds, while ensuring that the partitions are still connected with each other. This mechanism exploits networked infrastructure to make dynamic cloud resource provisioning as fast as possible. It works using a broker-based model that is transparent both to the customer and to the cloud provider. It is easy for customers to use and does not force providers to make any changes to their services. More- over, the dynamic property makes the provisioned infrastructure better able to recover from failures quickly. We implement the mechanism and carry out experiments on ExoGENI, a networked infrastructure-as-a-service (NIaaS) platform. Comprehensive experimental results and theoretical analysis demonstrate that the mechanism we propose is feasible and can dramatically improve the speed of resource provisioning.
Keyword Fast Provisioning, Networked Infrastructure, Quality Critical, Cloud Application
Paper ID IJIFR/V4/E11/001
Author vikash kumar shrivastava
Paper Title An experimental Study on Black Cotton soil stabilized with Rice husk ash and randomly distributed Sisal fibres
Subject Category CIVIL ENGG
Abstract Transportation infrastructure is the key element for the growth of any country and is essential for good physical connectivity in very small villages, remote areas and hilly areas can be accessed only by roads.“Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna” (PMGSY) – it was estimated that about 330,000 out of its 825,000 villages and habitations were without any all-weather road access. This Centrally Sponsored Scheme was introduced in 2000 by the Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is under the authority of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and began on 25 December 2000. It is fully funded by the Central Government. For executing the transportation facilities, the quality of a pavement depends on the strength of its soil sub-grade. Soil is very basic and important element in civil engineering field. Usually each structure depends on the type and characteristics of foundation which depends on type of soil. Basically black cotton soil is rather a difficult one to use in foundation because of its shrinkage and swelling properties. There are many methods to make black cotton soil stable for various constructions. Black cotton soil is comfortable for road work, compared to other types of soil. There are two ways to enhance the quality of subgrade soil -“Replacement of soil” or “Soil stabilization”. Soil stabilization can be done chemically or mechanically. Chemical stabilization is carried out by adding different chemicals in suitable proportion, while Mechanical stabilization is achieved by addition of admixtures which helps to improve the properties of soil. Today, the amount of waste has increased year by year and then it becomes serious problem in disposing large quantity of agricultural waste like Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, rice husk ash and Sisal fiber etc.
Keyword Keywords: BC Soil, Rice Husk Ash, Sisal Fibre, OMC, MDD, CBR and Swelling.
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